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Better holly than blood

I was supposed to volunteer at GR this afternoon but due to a mix-up and bad weather, it didn't happen - but I came home to very enthusiastic doggy cuddles. And half an hour later, 'How did I miss this much blood last night?! Wait, it's too fresh to be from last night ... bugger.'

I spent a good half hour wandering around the house with damp cloths, thinking surely I'd found it al-nope, here's another spot. And here's some that's dried to brown! Must be from last night.

Blood splatter all over the kitchen, various walls, floor, back door, Mum's desk, piles of books in the dining room, the cook books, books in the hall shelves and office shelves ... most of the blood came off, fortunately. Covers and spines were easily wiped, and even some of the glossy high quality page edges. Unfortunately, some of the paperbacks now have permanent blood streaks. Mum's copy of The Once and Future King got the worst with a big smear on the base. And my copies of The Hunger Games trilogy have a connected streak across the bases. But I was able to clean the blood drops off Mum's birthday cards!

And when Mum came home again, I grabbed Miss Shadow before her enthusiasm could decorate the house again. It is very difficult to bandage the very tip of a dog's tail. I've washed it and smeared some antiseptic cream on but all we can really do now is try to prevent her licking off the scab or knocking if off in her enthusiasm.

Mr Nosey has not had happy tail here and it seems an unlikely event (although he's always scratching up his feet and he's ripped his stopper pads off more than once.) He wags his tail in a discreet and subtle fashion. Miss Shadow, for all her reserve in public, has no subtlety at home. It's all YAAYYY!!! *thwack**thwack**thwack**thwackthwackthwackthwackthwack* Really, now I think about it I'm surprised this hasn't happened more often.

First play of the album this season!

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