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Holiday cards

A fleeting appearance before I melt away in the heat ...

I have Christmas cards, I think there's still time to post, who would like one?

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Happy New Year!!!

Lazy, exhausted post-Christmas days combines with ridiculously sticky internet has resulted in me saving myself the frustration and just reading books. But I must say Happy New Year to you all! May 2016 be happy, healthy, stress-free (or at least low-stress) with good reading and good friends, cute animals and cooperative internet!

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Merry Christmas to all!

Quiet day, good day. No migraine but I was very sleepy for a few hours due to the medication hangover. Woke up enough to make dinner fortunately!

Croissants for breakfast with the usual boysenberry jam plus some violet flower jam that I saw in the deli and was quite fascinated by. Mum put a jar in my stocking. *g* I prefer the boysenberry for croissants but I think the violet would be excellent on scones.

Went to Roz's place for a cup of tea and exchange of gifts, happiness all around.

Came home, started the duck, then we sat down for presents with a cup of tea and some Lafayette Gingerbread (which Mum says is the best gingerbread she's ever tasted so that's rather nice.) Had an alarming moment when Mum tried to reach over the sofa arm for a present and ended up sliding off the sofa, onto some presents and into the tree. Amazingly, she was fine, the presents were fine (one gift bag a bit smushed) and the tree was a bit mussed and dropped some ornaments but otherwise fine. She said there was just nothing to catch herself on - except the tree and that would have gone well.

So we took a minute and had some gingerbread before opening presents. We basically exchanged books, DVDs, CDs, clothes and earrings which amused me. The hounds had their Christmas bandanas but I don't know if those counted as presents for them ... so they have some 'iced' Christmas tree biscuits which seem to be going down very well.

The duck took four hours to cook, flipping every hour, so I spent intervals between cooking duties reading bits of my two new books (Bill Bryson and Nalini Singh.) Dinner was Festive Duck with Apple Cider Drizzle (but cooked the slow way), Mini Herbed Pommes Anna, and Orange Roasted Broccolini. Dessert was Mango and Brandy Christmas Pudding. No, I didn't make it. I don't usually like Christmas pudding but we tried a sample of this and it was delicious.

Mum's in bed, I'm about to go; we'll be seeing Brother and family tomorrow for lunch. Good food, good people, nice presents, lots of doggy cuddles, no migraine. Good Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!!

Last of the carols ...

An Aussie tradition.

And again, for fun ...

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Happy Christmas Eve!

After spending the better part of two days feeling weak and feeble, I did manage to get some Christmas baking and wrapping done last night. Did multiple loads of washing today, had Christmas Eve dinner with cousin Dee, have a bit more prep to do and hope I stave off the migraine.

Oh crap, I have to make my bed. The only downside to clean sheets!

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A pause in the rain

The internet has been sticky since the rain started. I eventually gave up on it yesterday.

I just wrote quite a long rambling post about today and yesterday and baking and Christmas and rain and dogs ... and somehow deleted the whole fucking thing.

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Cat under the Christmas tree

Before I forget again, thank you for the cards, [personal profile] littlerhymes and [personal profile] turlough!

The cat was napping under the Christmas tree - acceptable and adorable, he does it every year. But for the first time he thought he might use the tree as a scratching post. There were some alarming wobbles before we dissuaded him. You would not have enjoyed the aftermath, cat.

Stayed hot until about 2p.m. to day. Then it was quite pleasant for about an hour - until the rain started. It hasn't stopped yet! Better than bushfires.

Had a CAT scan of my sinuses today. Fastest scan I've ever had; apparently the technology's improved (for mammograms too. Mum says there's less painful squishing which is good to hear since I should start having those soon.) Last CAT scan I had took about 20 minutes or more, not 2 minutes. I'm a little vague about that whole experience since I'd just started on Topamax for my ghastly possibly-migraines and I was zonked for the first week or so. But I remember lying in the machine listening to the various clunks, clicks and whirs and starting to hear rhythms in them and just as I felt I was about to recognise one it would break off and start over or a different one would start. I could have sworn one of them sounded like the live intro to an MCR song but I couldn't get hold of it for long enough.

... yeah, I was pretty out of it, although my brain tends to do that sort of thing anyway.

Spot of mildly successful Christmas shopping (so many shinies I wanted ...), present wrapping tonight, need to bake something, last Christmas market tomorrow. Hope it's not pouring!

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Too hot, too hot

Went to the markets first thing this morning since it was going to be stinking hot. We had Christmas cards to hand out to our market friends - or rather we had Christmas cards from the greyhounds since everyone knows their names! I had some cards made up last year with this image and several people told me they still have it on display! This year I couldn't find a nice (affordable) greyhound card but the Santa photos turned out really well so I did a flat card on Vistaprint that turned out nicely. Naturally the hounds were gussied up in their antlers plus their new Christmas bandanas, and they had many cuddles and photos and smiles, plus one woman when we stopped at the shops afterwards, said 'You have just made my Christmas! They are beautiful!'

Bought some nectarines, ginger honey, fudge and a Balinese batik scarf for Flora. Just a couple more presents to get ...

We were home by 10:30 a.m. and the dogs and I passed out for the rest of the day. They had zero interest in an afternoon walk. A damp towel and a fan helped me sleep through the worst of the 40C heat. Yechh. It's 11:30p.m. and still 30C.

Still in 30s tomorrow but it should be fairly cool on Christmas Day, hallelujah!

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Too hot, too tired, too sore ...

... but I did get to cuddle with Miss Shadow on the sofa.

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Are greyhounds a fandom? (They're a cult; we have t-shirts.) I feel like I've witnessed a fandom collision. J.K. Rowling has a rescue grey too ...

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I haz a ticket to see Adam Lambert!

I cannot tell you how much I've been annoying myself weighing the various factors of standing, January hot weather, night time cool, solo or with friends and how much any one combination would be likely to cause a relapse. Plus finances. (I've missed out on a number of purchases this way. Sometimes I think I really need to go with impulse more, then I tell myself to be more adult and responsible. It's so boring.)

But while no friends were available to go along, I checked the tickets one more time today - and there were seats! Limited number and I snagged a really good one so I am feeling very pleased.

My bank account isn't but oh well.

Christmas shopping in town tomorrow and I plan to take plenty of time and sit down breaks. Not too much to get but there are a few places I want to browse as well. The weekend is going to be a stinker so I will be laying low and recovering if possible.

I haven't even thought about Christmas baking.

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